What we do

We can provide support from beginning to end of a project’s complete lifecycle, or we can come in for a specific set of tasks. We aren’t big fans of the ‘black box’ approach, so along the way, we share our work with you. You will get to see the work in progress, and be as involved as you want to be in the process.

Our services (click to expand):

Product development and management

We can provide beginning-to-end management of a product, from idea and design through to build and maintenance. Our experience covers software projects, software-as-a-service (SaaS), social and commerce platforms, and hardware platforms. Core expertise in .NET and JavaScript.

Project review and assessment

Need a second opinion? A sanity check? A review of a planned or in-progress project? We can review plans, scope, costs and resources, and give you a detailed analysis of how your project compares to other similar-sized projects, based on current best practices. We can also make recommendations to help your project stay on track, or get back on track.

Project planning

Great products start with great ideas. But you also need a roadmap to get from that idea to a finished product. We’ve been down that road before, we can help give you the directions you need to get there. Sometimes there are shortcuts, sometimes there are difficult decisions to make. With a solid plan in place, it’s easier to make the right choice when the stakes are high.

Requirements gathering

What resources will your project need? How much can you expect it to cost? How long will it take? We can help break down your project into the individual components that need to be built. Individual components can be priced out much more accurately, both by potential vendors and by your own team. We can also help prioritize what components will be essential to your project’s success, and what components can be saved for later development. This knowledge gives you more flexibility and options with your time and budget decisions.

Requests for proposals and vendor evaluation

We can gather your requirements and package them into a request for proposals to send to vendors. With a precise project description and a comprehensive requirements package, you can approach and evaluate vendors with more confidence. Bids on your project will also be more precise, and include less time and budget padding to account for uncertainty. We can also help you evaluate vendors and their bids, weighing the many criteria that come into play in a complex project. Price also isn’t always the best yardstick. Fit for purpose, approach to work, and general alignment are significant factors that contribute a project’s success.

Vendor management

Vendors can speak their own language. We can help translate. We can be the layer between you and the development team, translating what you want done into the instructions that the vendor needs. We can provide complete tracking of all issues and requests, with full progress and history. This tracking also simplifies the prioritization of tasks, to make sure that the most critical pieces get built first. We also provide metrics such as progress rates, tracking against time and budget, and resolution time.

Technology team building and leadership

For growing and larger projects, getting the right people on board is crucial to your success. Take advantage of our experience finding and hiring technology talent. We look for more than technical skill. The people you hire will work alongside you, and will grow with you. The fit has to be right. We find people with whom we want to work.

User and automated software testing

Your customers are paying for quality. They don’t want to be your testers! As a rule of thumb, a successful product should include a 20% time and budget overhead for testing. While this may sound high, a well-tested product is much more likely to be a successful product. We provide comprehensive, repeatable automated testing. Our scripts take the drudgery out of testing, and make sure that your features work – and continue to work – as development continues. Using industry-standard tools and scripting languages, we provide comprehensive testing and reporting that will give your QA team the metrics you need to track project progress. Our test scripting can also be used for load testing, and to automate data entry.

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