Automated testing

Develop and deploy cross-browser automated testing system

Using Sahi Pro, develop automated test scripts for a multiple listing service (MLS) system with over 15,000 users. Test runs are executed in all major browsers, with test logs and reports stored in a database for client QA team to access.

Scripts and reports are used by the client’s QA team to verify platform readiness before code releases. Separate test suites are run on the staging environment (including destructive tests) and the production environment (non-destructive tests only) with failsafes to detect the environment and switch testing schemas if required.

Image: Test script logging

Services provided:

  • Testing environment setup
  • Database and logging setup
  • Script creation and customization with additional Javascript functions
  • Complex testing with automated record creation, tracking, and followup tests
  • Full documentation, including environment setup and code repository, handed over to client on completion of project