Cross-platform tax calculator app

Develop an app that runs on all desktops and mobile devices

Using jQuery Mobile, develop a mobile-first cross-platform tax calculator for home buyers and real estate agents.

The client offered an online tax calculator what was difficult to update and maintain, and that only worked on desktop browsers. Knowing that a large percentage of the calculator’s users were using it on mobile devices, we rebuilt the app from the ground using a cross-platform mobile-ready framework, so that the user experience is identical across all devices. The interface design is deliberately lean, to focus on function.

Screen capture: mobile tax calculator app

By using jQuery Mobile, the client can offer the app to its users through its website, and doesn’t need to send users to an app store to install and use the app. The calculator’s memory and storage requirements are extremely small, and it is cacheable and standalone, so it can continue be used even if a user’s device goes offline.

The fully documented app source code was given to the client, and they can now modify it as needed when tax rates and price thresholds change.

Services provided:

  • Application design, including functional Android and iOS prototypes
  • jQuery Mobile app development and delivery
  • Fully documented source code