Marine stability monitoring

Black boxes for ships

Helping a marine hardware and software startup prepare for launch. This is a small, driven team that is developing a flexible marine sensing and communications hardware and software platform that is far ahead of the market. The Stabilis is designed to save lives by alerting mariners in real time to potentially dangerous stability problems on their ships, before it’s too late to take corrective action.

The platform’s technology also allows it to be used with a wide range of external sensors, including fuelling flow sensors, strain gauges, and vibration sensors. It also has built-in remote communications ability, allowing for remote monitoring of vessel location and stability conditions. A built-in battery backup gives it power autonomy and safe shutdown in the event of complete vessel power loss. Data logging features allow the device to store up to 60 days of sensor readings.

The company is currently being considered for acquisition.

Stabilis - Overview 1 Stabilis - Overview 2

Services provided:

  • Product review and assessment
  • Field testing
  • Investor presentations
  • Marketing materials support